Established in 1993 Alkyonis Co. is the result of a nautical family’s passionate work consisting of three brothers, Ioannis, Manolis & Stavros Kouremetis. Their experience in the marine industry traces its roots back to 1959 and “TRITONIS S.A.”, one of the main ship repair companies in Greece. The business continues till today with Alkyonis Co. being the leader in marine insulations. The company performing marine maintenance and repairs, for almost 30 years has expanded well beyond the confines of the shipping industry.


Alkyonis Co. is a premium provider of marine insulation services operating in the commercial marine, defense, yachting, and cruise sectors. Since 1994, we have been proudly serving the Hellenic Navy, being in constant co-operation and accomplishing significant projects and long-term contracts on surface ships and submarines. We also provide teams to attend commercial vessels and yachts worldwide, both on a planned and emergency basis, while our work includes awarded projects.

The future of marine insulation services

As the industry is constantly expanding, we are pleased to have our hands in comfort insulation of mega yachts to the modulation of interiors of engine rooms in commercial vessels. Today, we are made up of a talented and dedicated team of mechanics, engineers, and brilliant minds who help us to constantly improve.

We are proud of our historical legacy and strive to continue to be at the forefront of leaders in the industry. We are constantly searching for new technologies and methods that can be applied to production, equipment, training, and products to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.


Our founding members are Ioannis Kouremetis Mechanical Engineer MSc, Member of Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), Stavros Kouremetis Production Manager, and Manolis Kouremetis Economist MSc. Though the Kouremetis family is a strong legacy, Alkyonis Co. has become a success story thanks to the skilled technicians who work tirelessly to the dedication of their craft.

We are powered by people as we employ industry experts that are dedicated to producing the finest quality work. Our employees are highly-knowledgeable on marine insulation, pipeworks, and other technical aspects that we deal with on a daily basis. With high ethical standards, we always strive to undertake our activities with no accidents, and no harm to our people and to the environment.

Meet our dedicated team of marine industry leaders

Ioannis Kouremetis
Ioannis Kouremetis
Stavros Kouremetis
Stavros Kouremetis
Managing Director
Manolis Kouremetis
Manolis Kouremetis
Managing Partner, Technical & Project Director


At Alkyonis Co., we put our full potential to work on a daily basis. Dedicated employees, brilliant minds, and cutting-edge technology and products allow us to offer our customers excellent services. It is our mission to be industry leaders through a commitment to top quality and high standards. Our strategic objectives are:

  • Supplying immediate service both before and after-sales completed in a timely manner.

  • Guaranteeing high-quality services and use of top-notch products.

  • Imparting exhaustive technical support after a project is completed.

  • Providing services and expertise at a competitive price.

  • Adhering to safety regulations to create a safe environment.

  • Being the go-to choice for yachts, superyachts, and mega yachts.

  • Protecting the environment by eliminating harmful products’ usage.


The marine industry is constantly growing, and it is a part of Alkyonis Co’s vision to evolve as new needs come about. Our curiosity to learn and the constant refreshing of our knowledge is essential in looking to the future to continue on a path to supreme success. We vow to not rely on outdated methods, technologies, and ways of thinking. The future of the marine industry is bright, and we pledge to be a part of it.

We prioritize the safety of operations and services, and furthermore, as environmental impacts from a variety of industries become increasingly taxing, we promise to follow our company’s long dedication to continue using products that have a small effect on the planet when performing marine maintenance or any other procedure. We want our carbon footprint to be as minimal as possible and will continue to dedicate time and efforts to learn the ways we can have a positive impact on the environment.


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