Stone wool: Properties & benefits in marine insulation

November 16th, 2023|Articles|

Stone wool is a material widely used in ship insulation. Thanks to its properties, it is a material that covers all needs for comfort insulation (sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire protection) in ships and yachts. Let's look at stone wool and its applications more analytically: Stone wool – what is it and where is it

What to look out for when insulating your yacht

October 2nd, 2023|Articles|

At Alkyonis, specializing in marine insulation in all types of boats, understanding the importance of insulation, its benefits and the serious problems caused by its lack, we have gathered the most important information about insulation in yachts, such as: • What are the basic types • What requirements do yacht insulations have? • How to

Engine room acoustic insulation: Why is it necessary, what are the benefits & how is it done?

June 28th, 2023|Articles|

Why should engine rooms be sound insulated on ships, boats and super/mega yachts? What are the benefits and how is it done? What is the best proposed method? One of the most common complaints coming from yacht owners or charterers is that they can't enjoy their trip in peace and quiet because of the loud

Marine Insulation: What do we mean by ship, yacht and boat insulation?

April 20th, 2023|Articles|

What do we mean by ship insulation and why is it necessary for every super/mega yacht and pleasure craft? Which are their applications and what are the materials used? Learn everything about insulation on ships and yachts and enjoy safety and comfort on board! What is ship insulation? The term insulation is used to indicate

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