SpreFix Spray-On Insulation System

Since 2009, Alkyonis Co. brings you the SpreFix Spray-On, the pioneer insulation and the only spray-on insulation system approved by Lloyd’s Register. SpreFix Spray-On Insulation plays an integral role in sound absorption, moisture and condensation control, fire protection, and thermal insulation aboard vessels. SpreFix can be applied on to almost any surface e.g. steel, aluminum, GRP and is free of additives such as solvents, asbestos, and other harmful by-products to the environment and shipping crew. It is a green and smart product with excellent results.

SpreFix Spray-On Insulation

Sprefix comes in two materials, SpreFix G and SpreFix S, which are classified as A1 (EN 13501-1), the most stringent and demanding classification standard in European fire regulations in building products. SpreFix spray-on for marine insulation is excellent for acoustic insulation, resistance to fire and corrosion, and the benefits of using SpreFix include:

  • Going up to hard-to-reach surfaces

  • Bringing long-lasting results

  • Choosing a responsible solution

  • Eliminating thermal bridges

  • Reducing waste materials

  • Saving energy

SpreFix Spray-On
Insulation Applications

SpreFix G can withstand heat up to 600 degrees celsius, while SpreFix S can withstand heat up to 1125 degrees celsius. Some of the unbeatable benefits provided by SpreFix spray-on insulation products are the profound acoustic insulation and the resistance to rot, fire, and corrosion:

 Thermal insulation Condensation control Sound reduction Fire insulation

  • Thermal insulation

  • Condensation control

  • Sound reduction

  • Fire insulation

SpreFix G

SpreFix G is the lightweight, fiberglass non-combustible material density 45~50㎏/㎥, and is used for sound absorption, condensation control, and thermal insulation.

SpreFix S

SpreFix S is a fiber product of ρockwool with its level D product certification and is used for sound absorption, condensation control, thermal insulation in conjunction with A-60 fire insulation.


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