Alkyonis Co has been the proud partner of the Hellenic Navy for nearly 30 years, starting with pipeworks and continuing as a provider of marine insulation since 1994. With an annual contract beginning in 2011, we serve the Hellenic Navy for comprehensive insulation works from fire protection to engine room modulation of interiors. Among the extensive marine insulation we have also handled work on naval surface ships, submarines, tank ships & bulk carriers.

All materials and products used aboard the navy vessels for insulation are IMO certified, including Mascoat’s insulation coatings and SpreFix spray-on insulation for which Alkyonis Co. has been the official dealer. The intensity and long hours at sea for naval vessels demand precision and high-quality applications and being the contractor for the Hellenic Navy is our first priority. In addition to the Hellenic Navy, we are pleased that our insulation products have been applied onboard US and Royal British Navy vessels as well.

Core Services for Navy Vessels

  • A15/A30/A60 Fire Protection

  • Pipeworks

  • Pipe Insulation

  • B15 Panels

  • Type B & C Ceilings

  • Acoustic Insulation

  • Comfort Insulation

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Deck Coverings

  • Exhaust Insulation

  • Air-conditioning & Duct Insulation

  • Custom Made Thermal Insulation Jackets

Selected Navy Vessels Projects

Navy Vessels Insulation Projects

New Builds:

Fire, thermal and acoustic insulation of decks, bulkheads, pipes & exhaust pipes in new builds of the Hellenic Navy, during the period 1997 – 2009 in Elefsis Shipyards for:

  • LST Lesvos

  • LST Ikaria

  • SS Prometheus

  • FAC Roussen

  • FAC Danilolos

  • FAC Kristallidis

  • FAC Grigoropoulos
  • FAC Ritsos


Fire and thermal insulations of deck & bulkheads for:

  • PGFG Blessas

  • PGFG Mykonios
  • PGFG Troupakis

Fire safety and thermal insulations of bulkheads, decks, pipes & exhaust pipes in:

  • FFG Limnos

  • FFG Aigaio

  • H/T Romaleos

  • FAC Pezopoulos

  • D/R Themistoklis

  • P/C Kythira

  • D/R Kimon

  • FFG Chios

  • SS Pandora

  • P/C Pandrosos

  • SS Nautilos

  • W/C Doirani

  • FAC Zisimopoulos

  • FFG Elli

  • LST Samos

  • FAC Simitzopoulos

Fridge rooms insulation in vessels:

  • SS Aris

  • PGFG Armatolos

Brickworks of boilers in destroyers:

  • Formion

  • Themistoklis

  • Kimon

  • Nearxos

Deck Projects

Internal and external deck coverings in the following surface vessels:

  • P/C Yperion

  • LST Samos

  • PGFG Starakis

  • PGFG Troupakis

  • FFG Spetses

  • FFG Adrias

  • P/P Likoudis

  • MSC Kissa

  • P/C Ouranos

  • FFG Elli

  • FFG Kountouriotis

  • SS Prometheus

  • P/G Armatolos

  • FFG Spetses

  • FFG Limnos

  • FFG Kanaris

Modulation of Interiors Projects

Modulation of interiors with B15 panels & type C ceilings in vessels:

  • FFG Limnos

  • FFG Elli

  • P/G Naumaxos

  • W/C Prespa

  • P/G Armatolos

Renewal of B15, type B & C ceilings in support vessels:

  • Nautilos

  • Pandrossos

  • Pandora

  • Doirani

Modulation of interiors and metal claddings in vessels:

  • PGFG Blessas

  • PGFG Mykonios

  • PGFG Troupakis

Pipeworks Projects

Installation and fittings of high-pressure pipes, valves in the submarines:

  • Glaukos

  • Triton

  • Nireus

  • Proteus

  • Amphitrite

Fittings of valbes and pipe works in the surfase vessels:

  • FFG Limnos

  • P/C Pandrosos

  • P/C Ouranos

  • PGFG Pezopoulos

  • PC/PG Tolmi

  • PG Karteria

  • SS Aliakmon

  • T/S Aris

  • SS Naukratousa

  • FFG Ydra

Other Projects

Chemical cleaning of fire extinguishing piping system in:

  • LST Ikaria

Chemical cleaning of air ducts in:

  • PGF Kavaloudis


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