I-Sea is the successful refit of the Palmer Johnson yacht under the name “First Date”. Navinco was assigned to convert the yacht based on the new designs that included the extension of the vessel and the construction of a new aluminum bridge deck. During the construction process, large issues with the weight of the vessel occurred. In order to reduce the total weight of the vessel, Navinco contacted Alkyonis Co where the later proposed the application of Mascoat Marine-DTM Thermal Insulating Coating.

Designing group and owners decided, instead of foam or rock wool insulation, to use Mascoat Marine-DTM on all the new aluminum surfaces that required thermal insulation and condensation control. Alkyonis Co was assigned to supply and perform the application of DTM. Initially, all the surfaces were cleaned with a light vinegar wash in order to ensure that all oils and protective compounds were removed. Originally, a light tack coat of 0,25mm was applied to ensure proper hang. Then, successive coats of 0,5mm DFT were sprayed to a maximum total thickness of 1,5mm in flat areas, between stiffeners and T-webs, and 1,0mm around stiffeners and T-webs. The full project was completed in 7 days, with a crew of 2 persons, using the Mark X electric airless sprayer of Graco.

The insulating capabilities of Μascoat Marine-DTM were immediately evident from the first already days of application. In addition, condensation on the new aluminum surfaces was eliminated. Most importantly, the lightweight coating contributed to the significant reduction of the total weight of the vessel. Both, the designing team and the owners were really pleased with the final result, the fast and clean application. Navinco Naval Architects and Marine Engineers are specialized in yacht new builds, refits, and conversions. Mr. Tsokris (owner of Navinco) mentioned that Mascoat Marine-DTM will be their first choice in future projects and that he is also willing to experience the benefits of the Mascoat Sound Control-dB Sound Damping Coating.

Mascoat Marine-DTM is a lightweight composite ceramic insulating coating that is exclusively designed for thermal insulating and anti-condensation protection for marine vessels. It replaces most conventional insulation methods while providing the same insulation capabilities.

Mascoat Marine-DTM can be applied very fast resulting in significantly fewer installation costs. Many vessel owners have saved up to 50% on total installed costs over conventional insulation.  Best of all, the coating is extremely lightweight. This allows easy application around difficult areas such as stiffeners and other tight areas without adding excess weight.

Currently, Mascoat Marine-DTM insulating coating is in use on over 2000 marine vessels worldwide.


Yacht Name

I-Sea – M/Y


Palmer Johnson

Year of Build


Year of Refit



Atlas Perama Shipyards S.A.


Mascoat Marine DTM


1,00 – 1,50 mm


2.760lt / 730 gallons


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