For our insulation and deck covering needs, depending on type of insulation, area, equipment, type of vessel, we use certified materials from the following well-known producers:

  • Mascoat

  • SpreFix

  • Paroc

  • Rockwool

  • Isover

  • Thermal Ceramics

  • Unifrax

  • Armacell

  • Aeroflex

  • K-Flex

  • Promat

  • Klevers

  • Foster

  • Marinsu

  • Elvik

  • ANR

  • Thyssenkrupp

  • Sika

  • 3M

  • Coltech

  • Bolidt

  • GTF Freese

  • American Safety

  • Nanophos

  • Hempel

  • Jotun

  • Wilckens

  • DMS

  • Weber

  • Novamix

  • Tarkett

  • Amtico

Depending on application we use the following types of materials

Fire, thermal insulation:

SpreFix G-S, Mascoat Marine-DTM, Paroc Marine Fire Slabs, Paroc Marine Navis Slabs, Paroc Marine Mats or Wired Mats, Paroc Marine Slabs, Rockwool SeaRox FB 6000 Slabs & Mats, Rockwoll SeaRox SL 620, SeaRox SL-MA 720, Isover U SeaProtect Slabs-Rolls-Wired Mats, FireMaster Marine Plus, FyreWrap, Promaguard.

Acoustic & sound damping insulation:

SpreFix G-S, Mascoat Sound Control-dB, Mascoat VBS anti-vibration mount system, Paroc Marine Slabs/Mats 30-40-60, Rockwool SeaRox SL 320-340, SeaRox Acoustic Foil, Isover U SeaProtect Slabs-Rolls, Promasound TL, K-Fonik GK, K-Fonik ST GK, ANR Soundac Barrier Mat, ANR PU-D20, ANR PU-D30, SikaFloor Marine PU-Red, Dampaste, Bondal Acoustic Sheets, Perforated sheets Damplate Acoustic Sheets, SilenTile, SounDeck.

Condensation Control:

Mascoat Marine DTM thermal insulating coating, SpreFix G Spray-On Insulation.

Exhaust Systems insulation:

FireMaster Marine Plus, Unifrax FyrWrap, DuraBlanket S, Kaowool Ceramic Felt, Paroc Marine Mat & Wired Mat 100, Rockwool Sea Rox WM 640, ProRox WM 950, ProRox WM 960, Klevers Fabrics, Foster 30-36 MA Selfas Coating.

HVAC & Pipe Insulation:

Paroc HVAC Section, Paroc Pro Section 100, Paroc Pro Lamella Mat, Paroc Marine Mat,
Rockwool ProRox Pipe sections, Aeroflex USA, K-Flex-ST, K-Flex-ECO, K-Flex-In Clad, Armaflex Ultima, Armaflex AF, Armaflex NH, ArmaGel, Klevers Fabrics, Foster 30-36 MA Selfas Coating.

Floating Floor Insulation:

Paroc Marine Floor Slab 140, Rockwool SeaRox SL 436, Rockwool SeaRox SL 480.

Deck Synthetic Systems – Deck levelling:

Coltech M1-M2-M3-M8, Tefroka PU1, Bolideck, Nanophos PU Primers & Topcoats, American Safety Deck Coating Systems, Wilkens Epobarr, Hembadur Quattro, Weberfloor marine, DMS 2000-3000, Novacem Pronto, Novacem Plano 120, SikaFloor Marine 120.

Modulation of Technical Spaces:

Mascoat VBS Anti-Vibration Mounts, Bondal Acoustic Sandwich panels, Damplate Acoustic Panels, Alucobond composite panels, Etalbond composite panels, Perforated Aluminum sheets, electrostatic painted aluminum & steel sheets, false ceilings.

Cladding of insulated surfaces:

316 stainless steel, aluminum & steel sheets, perforated sheets, sandwich panels, acoustic panels, B15 panels, Type B or C false ceilings.

Removable insulation covers & blankets:

Paroc Marine Mat & Wired Mat 100, Rockwool SeaRox Mat & Wired Mat, Unifrax & Thermal Ceramics Ceramic Blankets & Felts, ArmaGel HT, Klevers fabrics & yarns, Kevlar yarns, stainless-steel springs and clasps.


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