Alkyonis Co. is the official dealer of Mascoat, the leading brand in thermal insulation coatings and sound control solutions. Mascoat coatings are bar none in providing the most comprehensive multi-purpose coating and insulation and protection from heat and noise. Mascoat is the finest alternative and/or complementary to conventional insulation products, requiring much less maintenance and saving time and costs.


Mascoat coatings are lighter, reducing bulk in your structure, and hold up to the particularly harsh marine conditions while protecting any vessel without degradation for years. They are specifically manufactured to provide a wide spectrum of needs including energy retention and the elimination of corrosion under insulation (CUI). The benefits of using Mascoat products include:

  • Keeping up with the classifications

  • Opting for a green solution

Mascoat Applications

All Mascoat products are tailor-made, ensuring that all of your insulation needs are met, no matter the curvature or crevice at the application site. Mascoat products alleviate the hassle of retouching and are regarded for their low maintenance. The Mascoat Products are safe for the technicians and can be applied to weather-exposed surfaces, stiffeners, overheads, interiors, pipes, walls for:

 Condensation control Thermal insulation Sound reduction

  • Condensation control

  • Thermal insulation

  • Sound reduction

Mascoat Marine DTM composite coating is more lightweight than traditional insulation materials, designed for thermal and anti-condensation protection for the harsh marine environment.

Mascoat Sound Control dB provides sound protection to deaden dangerous and uncomfortable noise.

The finest marine insulation solution for yachting

Luxury yachts are equally deserving protection from the harsh marine environment. By applying Mascoat coating, it directly impacts the interior comfort, protecting against water temperatures and minimizing unpleasant noise and vibrations at the same time. Mascoat is the perfect solution for the marine insulation yachting needs. The benefits of the application that Mascoat products offer on yachts, further include:

  • Substrate moisture protection & anti-condensation

  • Short, easy application

  • Excellent thermal insulation horizontal & vertical surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion on steel or aluminum constructions


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