Why should you perform a complete insulation work on your ship or boat? 6 insulation benefits

Why should you perform a complete insulation work on your ship or boat? 6 insulation benefits

Which are the most important insulation benefits for ships and boats?

Boats, whether pleasure boats (yachts) or not, are a very big investment. This means that taking good care of them is of the utmost importance, both during their construction and during their maintenance.

At Alkyonis, as we specialize in ship and yacht (super & mega yacht) insulation, we know that most owners care for:

  1. Fire resistant materials
  2. Noise reduction
  3. Comfort on board
  4. Materials resistant to mold and moisture.
  5. Reduced operating costs (e.g. air conditioning)

Ship insulations can help with all of the above. Thus, this article will focus on the most important benefits of insulation on ships and yachts.

The most important insulation benefits

Ships are complex structures located in an ever-changing environment. That is why marine insulation is among the first priority tasks. Vessels are also threatened by multiple dangers, such as moisture, overheating or noise and that is why there are so many types of insulation.

Indicatively, the most important types of marine insulation are fire safety, thermal insulation, exhaust/pipe insulation, acoustic insulation and each type protects against specific risks.

In summary, the most important insulation benefits are:

  1. Safety
  2. Noise reduction
  3. Better operation
  4. Condensation and corrosion control
  5. Energy cost reduction & savings
  6. Structural integrity & prolonged lifetime

1. Safety

Super and mega yachts, cargo, commercial and naval vessels, all must be absolutely safe for passengers and crew. The risk of fire is always quite high, which is why insulation for fire protection is mandatory by law on most types of vessels. Proper insulation, with certified materials and application that follows specific safety standards, can assure a safe environment for anyone living or working in the vessel.

2. Noise reduction

This is another great advantage offered by insulation, specifically acoustic insulation. In boats, the sources of noise are many and its transmission is either airborne or through vibrations. With appropriate insulation (e.g. engine room insulation, sound absorption) the noise is drastically reduced and thus the journey becomes pleasant and safe.

Learn more about engine room acoustic insulation.

3. Better vessel operation

The efficient operation of a boat and its equipment is directly related to the weight. The overall weight of the vessel plays an important role in its overall performance. Since every vessel must be insulated, especially for fire protection, the proper weight of insulation will make a significant contribution to its overall function, especially on commercial ships loaded with big engines and generators, which add to its overall weight.

4. Condensation and corrosion control

Talking about insulation benefits, condensation control is of great importance. If you’re not familiar with the terminology, condensation is the phenomenon in which a gas liquefies, created by a temperature difference, and is one of a boat’s worst enemies. If there is no insulation, the temperature differences are high and as a result, condensation favors corrosion, wet walls and mold growth. With proper insulation, however, condensation can be reduced or even eliminated.

Insulation benefits – hull insulation

5. Energy cost reduction & savings

One of the very important benefits of insulation is the reduction of energy costs, which is associated with temperature control, so that equipment is not over functioning. For example, the insulation of the a/c networks on a ship keeps the temperature of the pipes low so that they do not overheat. Otherwise, if the temperature increases in an environment that gas exists at 18°C for example, then the a/c units will over function. The same applies to steam networks, where the steam reaches temperatures of 80 or 100°C. As with home air-conditioners, when such devices and equipment are over functioning, this means higher consumption and therefore higher costs.

6. Structural integrity & lifetime

Insulation on boats, if properly installed by qualified professionals, can protect the construction of the vessel from aging, either by reducing engines’ vibrations, or by creating an environment where every piece of equipment does not have to over function. The life of a vessel can be extended because the need for maintenance is reduced. For example, if proper thermal insulation has been done, condensation may appear after a long time and therefore no moisture in the structures or pipes dripping.


Alkyonis: All the insulation benefits for your vessel

At Alkyonis we offer smart and customized insulation solutions so that every vessel can enjoy all the above-mentioned insulation benefits.

With long-term experience in marine insulation, together with exclusive and innovative coating products such as Mascoat Marine-DTM or Mascoat Sound Control-dB, we are committed to providing superior insulation services such as thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, pipe insulation, fire protection (see all our services) with materials and procedures that follow IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations

Contact one of our experts today and find the ultimate insulation solution for your boat.

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